Best of Exmoor Community Project | TLC for the Tin Tabernacle!

Best of Exmoor Community Project | TLC for the Tin Tabernacle!

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At risk of sounding a bit airy-fairy, we are keen to do good things around here. We want to make sure that we never have a negative impact on the local community of Exmoor. In fact, we’d really rather make a positive one. We know visitors to Exmoor do a load of good, whether you’re eating out in pubs or restaurants, buying in local shops, or going out and about enjoying what Exmoor has to offer. So thank you!


But we thought we’d set up the opportunity to give a little extra. By keeping our ears to the ground, we’re spotting for small projects across Exmoor that could do with a helping hand or a bit of financial support. 




Current Exmoor Project: Paint St Nicholas Tin Tabernacle

This tiny church (or ’Chapel of Ease’) is in Porlock Weir, just up from the harbour. Constructed of corrugated tin, in a raised position approached by slate-surfaced steps is St. Nicholas’s Church, this is a typical “tin tabernacle” of c. 1880. and little altered. This example has a small gabled porch, tiny belfry and small scale pointed arch windows


If you have ever been to Porlock Weir, you may have already noticed this humble little building. Sadly, the white tin walls are not looking so white these days, and the timber of the porch is showing some signs of rot.  It would love a little TLC! A local handyman is willing to take on the task, so a little help for his time, some materials and supplies would be extremely handy indeed to get the job done.


Over the last few months, we have offered our guests the opportunity to contribute to this local project, with an optional donation point during the check-out of their holiday cottage booking with us.


We have been absolutely blown away by how many people have opted to donate. The Tin Tabernacle will be very grateful for all your love and generosity!


Work is soon to commence, we will keep you posted on the progress.