Circular Walk | Dunkery & Horner Wood Exmoor | 1 hour

Circular Walk | Dunkery & Horner Wood Exmoor | 1 hour

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Exmoor circular walk – Dunkery and Horner Wood

There are lots of paths from Webbers Post car park with wonderful views. For a circular walk of around an hours duration follow the directions below.

Approximate details:

1 hour duration

3 miles length

Moderate terrain/difficulty

Dog friendly

Webbers post


Dunkery and Horner Wood

  1. Starting at Webbers Post car park, follow the path through the gorse and across the road. Carry on climbing over 0.25 a mile.
  2. Continue along the path down into a combe. A small stream will cross the path after wet weather.
  3. Walk back up the hill after exiting the combe, until you reach a point where four paths meet. Here turn right, heading downhill towards the edge of the woodland.
  4. Continue down into the valley. The path becomes steep and rocky as you enter the tree line.
  5. Cross the footbridge over the river onto the road, and turn right.
  6. After a quarter of a mile, bear left off the road onto a path, just before the river crossed the road. Ignore the second fork to the left, continuing along the valley bottom
  7. Footbridges cross back and forth over the river. Ignore the first bridleway that descends from your left, and cross the river once more.
  8. Shortly after crossing the river, turn right. Follow the ‘Priestway’ (a bridleway) up and out of the valley – a little steep and rocky.
  9. The path reaches a broad flat track at the top of Horner Hill. From here turn right and you will find yourself back at the car park.



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