All About The Two Moors Way

All About The Two Moors Way

The Two Moors Way is a long-distance walking route spanning Devon. 103 miles of hiking delight… And, yes, you’ve guessed it – the path does indeed transit two moors!  Starting at the southerly edge of Dartmoor and finishing in Lynton on Exmoor, walkers can explore some of the most rural, rugged and beautiful landscapes of the South West.

How long does it take to walk the Two Moors Way?

The total route spans 102 miles – a sizeable afternoon stroll, that’s for sure!  Of course, the time taken will completely depend on how eagerly you want to tackle it.  As a ballpark; most people spend between 5 and 12 days from start to finish.  Or an average of 47 hours and 20 minutes walking time to be precise.  Allowing around 15 miles per day makes for a comfortable challenge for most – the route is pretty well signposted and managed, but going over the moor can be slow, particularly in winter mud or snow.

And FYI, the record fastest time is less than 23 hours. Punchy!


Is it the same as the ‘Devon Coast to Coast’?

You may have heard reference to the ‘Devon Coast to Coast.’  But does the Two Moors Way even reach from coast to coast? So – the original route started in Ivybridge, on the southern edge of Dartmoor, a few miles inland. But as of 2005, an additional section links this to the Erm-Plym Trail and to Wembury on the south coast – an ‘optional extra’ for anyone wanting to encompass two coasts as well as two moors.


Route Overview of the Two Moors Way

The extra bit (South Devon)

The route heads out from Wembury across rolling fields and small patches of woodland. A gentle start – perhaps find yourself a cuppa in Yealmpton – we recommend Nelli’s Villlage Café – and congratulate yourself on tagging on some extra miles before you’ve even officially started.


Beyond Ivybridge, find yourself entering Dartmoor. Cross expanses of high, dramatic moorland dotted with granite tors – an emotional landscape to stir the soul.

Mid Devon

Off the moor but nonetheless still rural – quiet Devon country life vibes, through family farms, narrow lanes and sleepy hamlets.


Climb again to the beautiful heights of Exmoor National Park. Cross winding streams descending small steep valleys, century-old farmland and high open moor. Pretty villages and varied paths galore. The final section, or grand finale, takes a spectacular descent into Lynton and Lynmouth.

A bit of history on it all

The Two Moors Way itself is not an ancient route; people have no doubt walked various sections over the centuries. However, the waymarked trail was only officially opened in May 1976. Since the 60s, many were keen to establish a long-distance route across Devon. Opposition from landowners lead to the use of existing rights of way rather than an entirely new route.


Can you camp on the Two Moors Way?

Heavy but satisfying – who fancies carrying the tent? Yes, it is possible to camp along the route, and people do. Wild camping in England requires the landowner’s permission, including in National Parks, so some planning must be done to make it all work. Alternatively, find some accommodation on route, shuttling between the path and a comfy bed for the night.  For the Exmoor part of the Two Moors Way, we have some amazing options for you…


Accommodation along the Two Moors Way, Exmoor


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