Circular Walk | Valley of the Rocks | 3.5 mile

Circular Walk | Valley of the Rocks | 3.5 mile

This is a great option for an easy-to-moderate circular walk around the Valley of the Rocks, an absolutely stunning location on Exmoor in North Devon.  Three and a half miles, this walk should take about an hour and a half to 2 hours.  Along your way you’ll find craggy peaks, dramatic cliffs and expansive sea views.  And perhaps even the odd wild goat or two! circular walk valley of the rocks

Length: 3.7 miles / 6 km

Ascent: Approx 300m

Grade: Moderate

Start: Valley of the Rocks car park (Exmoor National Park). Postcode (approximate location) EX35 6JH.

Walk Description circular walk valley of the rocks

Start towards the coast, following the footpath from the car park. There are various routes up from the valley floor, but head up, and all will lead you to the South West Coast Path. Hit this and turn left, keeping the sea to your right.

After traversing round the rocky ridge (know as ‘Rugged Jack’), descend back down the roundabout.

(For a seaward detour, continue west from the turning circle and descend to Wringcliff Bay. You can then just retrace your steps to return to the circular walk route.)

Continue west along the road of the valley floor. You will reach the stone arch entry to Lee Abbey on your right.  Here, take the track that branches inland to the left.

Next you will ascend into woodland – follow the path until you come across a sharp left turn, and take this to stay on the circular route.

Keep heading in the same direction (with the season to your left), departing from the bridleway onto a footpath at a switchback.

Once you’re back out in the open, follow the path as it zig-zags up the hill.

Descend beyond the hill brow. Take the next turn to your left to bring you back towards your parking spot.

circular walk valley of the rocks


And that gets you back to where you started!  Hopefully that was clear & helpful.  We hope you have/had an absolutely gorgeous walk in this incredible location.

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